Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goth1c0 is getting a revamp...

As i already said before, Goth1c0 is changing, and among this changes are our new store layout, new image, new looks, new promos. As part of this all, i asked my friend guestier Balut to make me some lamps for the store, they are amazing and i wanted to share them with you. He is helping me with the sculpts parts of the new outfits and he builds furnitures too, im honored to have him in my little furniture store Entity and this amazing lamps that he made for my store are now there or in his marketplace, if you want to get them gooo now!! :D

Check the pics so you see for your self his work :)

you can buy it here on marketplace or here inworld

you can get this one here at the marketplace or here inworld