Monday, March 11, 2013

This month events @ Goth1c0!!

So the Whore Fair 2013 is still going on and is has been a very nice event. I got a lot of good feedback from it so if you havent visited yet, dont miss out!! If you want to go visit the fair, come into my inwolrd store and click on the poster at my wall, you'll get the LM's.

I made a black little sexy dress with the back naked, the dress has a rigged mesh tall neck with a twist, cus it covers the mouth too, kinda like a mask. It comes with black gloves too and a cute very little thong and some multi garters.

Also i made some tees that has a garter under them and the idea came from this trend of wearing little tees with big boobs so to not let them scape from under the tee i put a garter that goes all around the chest and back holding the tee down hehe. Clever idea uh? Hope you like it.

Besides this event im in the Twsited Spring 2013 hunt and the theme its Delirium. I made a goth rosary with a upside down cross, the beads are made from a spine and it has a skull and other sculpted details. Really liked this one.

Im making new items as you read this and im updating some of the old ones with the Tango appliers too. So keep tuned to find out more about all this :)

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