Thursday, March 14, 2013

8 years in SL!! :O

So a month ago i turned 8 years, yeah...somehow i lost the count and i really thought i was turning 7 not 8, so it was like a shock and like a surprise hehe. But well i been working and creating in SL since day one, what brought me into sl was a friend amazed of all you could build there. If i look back, even if we didnt have sculpts, flexi or mesh, building things was so much fun and relaxing. Never thought i would still be in SL building and having fun 8 years later.

So since building and creating is a huge part in my second life, i'm watching old pics and old creations and is so different now. I want to list some of my favorites. This is just a taste of what i have done the past year, since many of my old pics got lost when my hard drive burnt. Oh the memories :)

I have made jewelry, accessories, tattoos, long gowns, short gowns, male and female fashion. It has been quiet a ride, every single moment has been fullfilling and challenging. I hope to keep bringing more into our second life and i hope you keep you all as happy customers.







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