Saturday, May 11, 2013

Facebook account....a little rant

So i got my facebook account a month and something more, againts all i felt about getting one....i dont really use facebook that much, cus there is a lot of drama there, but i got it after chatting with some friends and they convinced me that it would be good as a way to promote my store and my creations.  But apparently someone didn't want me to be there so it got reported as a not real person account or whatever, i tried to verify it using my cell phone but it didn't work. So that account now is lost, gone, caput, finito...i dunno anyone that would be so angry or disturbed with me to report my account and make me loose it. But well...i have a new one, i'll start adding people again, the other one is not longer in use, thanks to that person, i have to start all over again.

Sorry if its confusing and not long ago i added you. If you happen to find my new account on facebook and you want to add me and help me start again, i would much appreciate it. Gambate, fighting!! :D