Sunday, May 19, 2013

Public Apologize....

Tonight i got a notecard from someone letting me know that one of my products was a copy of an RL product and that she already contacted the creator and let her know about this and well treated me with a DMCA, if i did not take them down.

A year ago, more or less,  I  got a request from a resident in SL asking me to create the said item, at first i refused to do it, since i dont do costum work, but when i got the picture of the item, i thought it was someone wearing make up that simulated a wound and it seemed easy to make so i accepted. As i already said, i thought it was some gore make up, but i was wrong, it is actually something you can buy as i got informed.

If you know me, i think i have had an impecable behavior during my SL. If you happened to follow what i have been creating in SL through out 8 years that i have been part of it, you can see that all what i offer are original items. I make them, i get inspiration like everybody else from several sources but most of the time i create what it comes to my mind.

For me what i earn in SL is my RL income, my full time job, so you can guess how i was when i read the notecard.  I told this person how i had created them, she did not believe me, i tried to be nice nonetheless. I took the items down, they are no longer in my inworld store or my MP, i deleted the textures and well i sincerely apologize for this to all the affected parties. I will go down through my transaction history and i will return the money to whoever bought this item,  it has never been my intention to earn money in this way.

PD: Im not mentioning the item name, nor the person that wrote the notecard or the other creator as i dont want to create drama with this.