Friday, October 10, 2014

Body Modification Expo, The Boho Culture & Vintage & Cool Fair all starts today!

For the Body Modification Expo i made the much requested....*drum rolls* The pierced corset for guys! Yep now guys can get their backs all pierced with our new rigged mesh pierced corset 100% original mesh, and it comes with a controller HUD with 12 ribbon options and 12 metal options too. Included a grunge and a bloody version for the ribbons too. it comes in 5 standard sizes.

> TP: Body Modification Expo


For the Boho Culture Fair 2014 i made a cute outfit with a long high waist skirt in 5 standard sizes and asymmetric sweater to complete it. The sweater has a metal zipper on the side and a cute moon print on the front.

>TP: The Boho Culture Fair

And for the Vintage & Cool Fair 2014 i made some 50's retro dresses with goth prints. 7 different designs to pick from and it comes in 5 standard sizes.

>TP: Vintage & Cool Fair

Curios as how the fair looks like? Watch this video

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