Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October is here!!

So for this month there is a ton of goodies going on, im part of the "Magical Academy RMK Gothic Halloween 2014"event, it is a very cute halloween game in the RMK sim. Go there and follow the game to collect the coins, when you are done, you can visit the gacha area and retrieve the gacha gifts many designer made for this event. Here you can check pics of this items RMK Dream Gacha.

The instructions are easy, TP to the sim, then read the Disclaimer for the game, the important notice and continue on if you are ok with all of this. Then click on the young witch that is ahead, sitting on a desk, wear the items she hands you (it is a HUD and a tag) pick up a color for your tag and carry on to the teleporter behind her. Have fun!!

My items are 4 different collections of Polishes inspired in halloween and witches, and you get them all for one coin, cool eh? Perfect for this spooky month. They are unisex if you dare to use them and they all work for finger and toe nails.

And for the RMK Halloween Market i made a cute dress. Misery Loves Wednesday is a rigged mesh dress with white collar, prefect as a halloween costume and you can get it for 125L at the market in RMK sim. So come to the sim and play the game it is so cute and fun, you will not want to miss it! Here is more info about it "Magical Academy RMK Gothic Halloween 2014"

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