Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weird times

Well this couple past days has been very weird...hah adding to all the SL happening. First monday was a holiday here and my family decided to go have breakfast at this traditional Mexican restaurant very early in the morning, but they never made it, the car broke in the way there, the engine suddenly died. I didnt go cus i was too lazy to get up so early, but i had to get up early anyway cus they called me to go pick my mom and sisters while my dad waited for the tow truck or the wrecker...however is it called, i had to drive there and then bring them back here to the house. My dad got here right after us with the tow truck guy and the car dead. It was 2 hours later of the time they left the house initially. They left in the end, but to a different place.

Later in the evenning my sister decided to go shopping for some stuffs she was needing and on her way back her car got broken too! dead...yeah engine completely dead. My sister called home and my dad went to check on her, using my car, he wanted to push the car himself, but after a few blocks he stopped cus he was tired, the car is automathic duuh, so heavy as hell...hah so my sister calls again home and came to pick me to help push or something, i grabbed a hige pillow i have, some platic bags and some cords and there i go again. I pushed the car with my car. This is the first time i push a car with mine...We got home finally results by the end of the day: 2 cars broken..oooh but!....thats not all, my mom had an accident a couple of days ago a truck hit the mirror on the pilot side and ripped it off and of course it cant be used or of all the cars we have only mine was ok. When have you heard of 2 cars broken on the same day?? O.o

Well then today there was this wind storm...and it was very very bad, there were ppl dead cus some trees fell over them and car smashed and all kind of bad stuffs :( Here in my house the dust and wind entered by the windows, it was like woaaa wth?? suddenly all cloudy in dust, my dog scared the hell ran to my bedroom and hid under my covers LOL. I was home alone, so you can imagine me running around closing windows, then the power failed and when it came back, 3 hours later, i wanted to watch TV...the TV...dead, now 3 cars broken and the TV. What else can it happen? v.v it was enough bad omen i think but noooo....

SL messed up with me...HAAAAA! niiiiiiice and sooooo unexpected as if i havent had a bad week already!....i got some ones prims in my land, 300 and something prims, bullets mostly or something and i decided to clean and close and set up a time to return things back so this doesnt happen again and BOOM the store, my furniture store, got back almost entirely to my inventory! OOOMG yeah that was so fucking crazy, and i had to rebuild it -.-! Ad to all this that for some stupid reason some ppl, including me, my alt and Nic and many more, cant tp to my store in gemmed some ppl even thought i closed it GAH!, to tp there i have to tp to the next sim (Istar usualy) and then fly back to my store, but then once in my store...i cant tp out of it....WTF?yeah -.- bad omen i tell you...teleporters broken, vendors broken, ppl not getting their merchandise, i cant see others online, not even if im talking with them in IM, like Nic or we dont get each others IMs so we have to use a group IM to talk!...and so on. I wrote on the official Linden blog about that and asked them politly to fix all the bugs for us content creators instead of fixing some idiot stuffs like "the mature option on the search always off on default" and stupid things like that, i was nice...really i was, i asked nicely and they deleted my post o.O! yeah what about that uh? not freedom of speah? -.-!! But strangely even that i have been very stressed with all this and having a very bad week, i am on a good mood, very good mood actually:D But i cant deny that this is a very weird week, im almost wishing it was a dream, am i nuts?

Buuuuuuuut on the good side i got blogged again in SLMen wooo...thanks Ben -bows- really thanks, the utilikilt looks great on you ;) and i got mentioned too in Appearance Mode. You gonna say: eto? why so excited about it? Well im thinking since i am a goth designer and those blogs arent really goth i dont get my stuffs blogged. You can think...well who cares?? not many goth ppl reads them anyway. Im not sure of that but thinking that the majority of the stuffs they write about its "normal" (kinda...since there is a lot of goth stuffs and punk and others) the ppl they are trying to reach is in the most part not goth or punk...but then again, i dont have a clue -AT ALL- about this.

Anyway it was nice, really nice to see my stuffs there :)) Thanks to Sasy for writting about my outfits! ^^

And with all this said and off my chest... im off, its bed time...ciaos all :D