Thursday, March 15, 2007

What others comment about Goth1c0?....

Heyas peeps, i got mentioned in the magazine PWND magazine in the neko special, you can find it around in SL, if not send me an IM and i can send you one :) And i got mentioned in SLmen here you can check it too nice...Ben does this outfit of the day review and gets together shoes, pants, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, hairs, skins, eyes, jewerly, an entire look and he posts the places where he got the stuffs. Veerrry nice, check it :) He posted my necklaces woots!

Ok now on the releasing things..i got stuffs to put up but with all the issues SL is having, i dont want to sell bugged stuffs or...get them to poof from my store or more ppl with problems so i will wait a little longer.

Well...thats all for nows :) ciaos bellos!

PS by the way...i need to learn how to read the stats for the sim is lagging so bad, the one i live at ;0; it is unbelievable cus there is nothing there..well a club...but it hasnt even openned and its not finished bleh. My luck!!