Thursday, March 29, 2007

Of lag...and zeros

I had to learn how to read the sim stats....very interesting tho, so much info there that normally one doesnt know about it. Well i had to cus my sim in icewater...haha "my" hehe..ok yeah in my dreams mine :P well *coughs* not mine but where i live and have the other stores, was doing so bad it was hilarious, and in order to talk to the lindens with facts i looked for the info on this. You could not walk or talk or anything cus the lag was the worst ever you have experienced. And usually the sim is empty, not that it had tons of ppl standing around or lots of scripts running...yeah there are some but its not that bad if you consider i own half of the sim and most of the land is not even used. And there is a lot of plots for sale so they are empty too. So i had called the lindens, i complained several times in the past but i did not get a response. Well yesterday i IMed live help giving them facts and numbers and....finally! one of the lindens went to the sim and checked it for a while, she said..."the sim is not a happy sim"....LMAO hehe that made me choke! Hah we were standing there and the sim kept dying on us LOL. Of course its not a happy sim and i was not a happy camper either! lol. She poofed when i crashed and today when i logged in....sim is all ok woaa super stable and great numbers, i had to check twice woaa :O! It seems they fixed it, how i dont have a clue, maybe they restarted it or something....i dont know. but its working smooooooooooooth like silk now woaaw, now im a happy camper ;D

So the openning of Zona Cero will be very soon, since ppl will be able to actually see whats around. Woot! im still finishing stuffs but the more i finish the more i pull off the openning date so i will just do it and maybe will be this friday ;) wish me luck peeps ^^

off i go :)