Thursday, May 24, 2007

Party, ancient history and blogs! what a ncie mix ;)

Well i have been awfully busy omg i cant believe it lol...and all is cus store is turning 2 years old in SL and im celebrating it!! i posted posters in my store and i made invitations that i sent to all the ppl in my friendlist and to others that arent there. I hope some of you can make it. Here i will post the poster so you can read the info, if you have questions or wanna know something else IM me in world and i will try to asnwer ASAP.

Then my pretties as Don says *giggles* LOL, Goth1c0 got blogged in some fashion blogs, so exciting lets see first we have the first review Goth1c0 gets in Second Style man blog...yeah im so excited, you have to read what Aidan Recreant said omg his wording to describe my work left me with my jaw open, really was sweet here is the link:

Then sweet Sasy Scarborough posted about my Tokyo Gothic Lolita, the cage skirt brought her so many memories of her childhood, its is funny how something so simple can trigger strong feelings that you didnt even know they were still there, you gotta read about this, here is the link:

And last but not least, sexy Ben Vanguard took sexy pictures of some of my items from Goth1c0 and Zona Cero. I definetly envy the good eye he has to mix and match outfits so well and he always gets the perfect hair, skin and accesories for every outfit, if you are concerned on how you, as a guy, look in SL then you gotta check his site. Here is the link:

And you know well i hope the party goes well...i have had lots of things happening and i still need to finish tons of things. I am looking forward to the party hoping i can see lots of new faces but lots of my old friends too.

I created Goth1c0 after a breakdown with someone very dear to me and my friends pushed me to sell the few things i started to create for myself, because my stippend i got weekly was never enough to buy what i wanted and...just think, at that time SL was not what is it now, i used to collect all the goth prims booth and items i could find and it was not even up to 10 hahaha.

So my store started in this same sim where is sitting now and almost the same size of land, with only 5 items and my huge building that comes from some manga i was reading at that time. here i prove of what im telling xP

The store grew, i bought more land but i had to leave SL for some weeks in november of the same year i openned and i sold most of the land i had, but i left the store open, with some new additions but not nearly to make a big inventory...I lost my internet cus i couldnt afford it and i was about to lose my premium account in SL and my land too and the situation in my RL was very desperate because i couldnt find a job, and its when i decided to get into clothes design full time. And from here my store started to grow and its what it is now ^^.

I always strive to do better things, to get better on what i do but im a spaz and sometimes passes an entire month before i release something, and you would not believe the amount of things i work on but i finish few until the mood strikes me (sp?) woo...sorry for my bad english...

Oh well i just wanted to share a bit of old history with you guys...ciaatiooos!

Kei :)