Friday, May 18, 2007

Tokyo comes to Goth1c0

So yeah i have been pretty busy...i got my other store open and its doing pretty well, but i had this project on the process for some weeks ago and here i finally got to finish new gothic lolita dress...i called it Tokyo and it has this crazy amount of detail:

- Prim neck with flexi ribbons.
- Top with white lace and satin corset.
- Tall gloves with black lace too.
- Belts skirt.
- Prim skirt (not flexi)
- Hot pants with ribbons too
- Garters with mesh stockings

I love how it looks and for those pretty boys out can wear it too just dont wear the prim skirt...or wear will look like a cute bishie!

Then i made for the sadistic ones a corset piercing with a silky blouse held with ribbons, it comes in 6 colors to pick from. The front part of the blouse falls nicely over the clevage covering what is necesary and leaving bare part too *grins*

Then i have a vinyl corset, this one comes in 8 colors all very bright. The corset has ribbons on the front and the back too. Very sexy, just look at it and matching it with the hairs i thought it was fun too.

Well thats all for now i got other stuffs too but i need to finish taking pictures, thats the part i hate the most...bleh hehe ;P

Take care *waves* ^^