Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Party animals! wooooo

So the party was a success, it was more than i ever dared to dream in my wildest dreams thank you all :D here i will post some pictures. It lasted more than 12 hours so hah woooow hehe

There were so many ppl i was so happy to see you all. Old friends, some names that are very familiar to me cus i know you are my constant buyers well now i can put a face next to that name and its awesome. Even that the raffle ball never worked...(i swear i tested it before the party and it worked just fine v.v) ppl stayed around :D

Then Salem all nervious cus it was her first formal gig and she did awesome, played all my favorite songs so nice!...then Sergei playing some of his industrial collection very nice too.

And then mom cracking up the store with rock, metal and punk...it was fun as hell! and ppl stayed in the store all the time...i hoped we would not crash the sim cus my neighbors would yell at me and we never did! the sim is awesome i swear it is..and thats why noone sells their land there lol...i want some more...i need prims!! *coughs* erm ok back to the party...

There was so many ppl there most of the day, i swear...and i was so nervious thinking noone would show up...cus it was a holiday weekend and i didnt know about it. but all went great more than great thank you all that made my party even more special :))