Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ah Hallooo! there :)

The exclusive items for the Black Fair now can be found in my in-world store.

The black ripped shorts with a satin cross on the side "Spank me". Pick a color and match it with your favorite top. Playful and sexy short shorts. 5 standard sizes.

Mesh necklace "End of Days" in all versions. Gold, Black and Silver. Included a resizzer script.

Our recent release Resistance Sleeveless Hoodie for guys in different colors. Plaid fabric, worn dirty look. 5 standard sizes. 

And as always i forget to announce that i have been adding at my in world store the Tango Lolas appliers for the previous items, you can buy them by just paying the tag under each pic. All the new items includes the tango lolas appliers in the pack.

Inworld store
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