Friday, August 9, 2013

Goth1c0 goes to The Thrift Shop Event

I signed up for this round and i made some special and new items. The Thrift Shop 2.0 event runs from 9th to 31th pf Aug. Everything is 50% or less from the regular price. Amazing stores and everything super cheap plus gatchas and special and exclusive items. Dont miss it!!

For the Thrift Shop i made this cute mesh double t-shirt with some letters on the front. 8 different designs to pick from. They are used and dirty.

I have 2 gatchas for this event. First this cute horns inspired in the kind of drawings someone would do over a picture. Many colors to pick from and 2 rares. They are transfer. Only 50L a try.

And the second item and for me the most cute from them all is this necklace with a pill on the front. I called it the happy pill gatcha. 8 regular colors and 2 rares. Pick what gender you are and play. I have for girls and for guys and i included a resize script so you can fit it according to your shape. This are transfer too and only 50L the pop.

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