Tuesday, November 21, 2006

1,2,3...testing, testing....

so yeah i gave in and i got a blog....i wanted to get it yesterday night cus i read somewhere, something that made me wanna write. But the bitchiness moment passed and i thought on it better. Might not be a good idea to post your first blog entrance giving out the kind of message i wanted to write. In the end whatever you write in your blog is your personal opinion and i went for that, at first i thought that just cus a lot of ppl say this last statement, you are justified to write in such ignorant manner -but- to each their own.

Well lets see...Goth1c0...i have been working in endless projects: destroyed jeans, more tees, even a new line of casual clothes for guys based in what i wear RL LOL, more gothic lolita's dresses, some rave wear, hairs, jewerly, boots, heels and piercings...all are in the process...what happened with all this?...well i start making something but it takes me so long to get it done that by the time i am half finished...someone else made something -similar- so this kind of projects start to pile up in my hard drive or in my inventory in SL.

But i thought the past days...even if someone thought on the same thing, it doesnt matter...you are not copying them, you had the same idea (there is nothing new under the sun) and you are making it accoding to whatever your own idea is...yeah *nods* soooooo well thats my goal now, finish all those projects and put them up for sale. To check what in my store is old and i will take them down (mostly cus im saving prims and some stuffs were built when i started looooooong time ago). But most important of all...stop stressing because there are way many more ppl, more talented than me. With many more ideas and even more idea on how to make a business sucessful in SL. I am me, i started my store without anyone help, and i have been around for a year and 5 months. Something its right in all. :)

Now im done ranting and i need to go, my coffee is cold i'm buying a tiny tea house! WOOT! <3

PD...i found a bug zapper!!!! omg its just...i want!!.......got it v.v! go meee the faster shopper on SL *blows on wallet*