Thursday, November 30, 2006

Of buttons, tees and cupcakes....

The "remember here" button doesnt work blah im so lazy to type all my password and stufs hehe^^;;...well i got two things to say....or maybe three hmmm. First...there is another Keishii in SL...gaaaaaaah!...yeah that made me mad like for 2 seconds...well 5...ok, ok....10 seconds -.-!...but im over it...after almost 2 years someone else thought on using Keishii v_v call me silly but i was very happy being the only one ;P i said before in another post i have been making clothes like the ones i wear RL, moooooore or less. I am getting the feeling of it and having a lot of fun actually, i made a logo for them and all...and now i am pondering...what to do with them? yeah i didnt really stop to think that i was making -more- urban clothes...when there is many stores already? i dunno. I am very very proud of them cus they look great....but then again, there is alot out Don, Zab, Renegade, etc, etc...all with great designs and very high now i dunno...i worked on 6 tees for guys, 1 jacket, some jeans and stuffs for girls like tees, vintage bangles and belts, scarves....but now its...where would i put it...i even made a store? add it to Goth1c0? meh i dunno anymore D: Im adding the logos here....i love how they turned tho, same as my logo for goth1co and the one for entity, i really like them all. Arent they awesome? lol xD yaaaay go me ~coughs and comes back to earth, blinking~ eeer where i was? aaaah yeah so...where to sell them? i have a basement in gothico, i could use it to put some of this stuffs andd see how it does. I will take pictures later of the tees and post them here :)

Oh and third...who would be so kind to send my way some cupcakes from this little store near china town in NY? I have been wanting some since i found out starbucks made some for the holidays and after trying them and almost gagging with the super sweet un-natural flavor they have...i have been craving those. Funny thing, i miss from NY.... those cupcakes, my walks through 8th street, the japanese library near Rockefeller center, the veggie sandwiches from the store in the corner from where i used to li
ve, picking up random furniture from the street, the little space i had in the loft and drinking beers with Gina and Alex. Was an incredible time :) outta here!

PD im blog challenged geee! After the 4th atempt to post this...i hope this one works!