Monday, November 27, 2006

Second Post....the rant in technicolor

soooooooooo....after hmm i dunno how i am again. When i created this account, dunno how i picked the beta option, of course i didnt pay attention to this little detail -BUT- in order to log in again, i have to go to beta...cus in the normal option of blogger my account doesnt exists, nothing, nada, it just says the username is not registered blah blah..... meh >>; But now that i know how does it works...yah...blogging.

I put out my first attempt of hair, this was made as a suggestion of some ppl i met in Club Industry...cyberpunk hairs...this happened months ago i looked for pictures, colors, names and the like...well i worked on 4 styles and i made a lot of textures for them. After going nutty with all the options of colors i could think of and making tons of combinations, i just dropped the project....why? would i put it for sale? if there were so many many options for them -singles packs or several colors in one? pick between those tons of colors nd delete some or keep all?- this and fighting with the constant crashing (for some reason my wireless connection dies everytime i try to texture more than 5 prims at the same time in one step so yeah a royal pain) and...finding out that someone else made them...i kinda lost interest ._. But some of my friends that saw them, kept asking me when i would put them up cu they wanted to buy them and well now they are up :P But they eat tons of prims, gah!!

~~Noam i totally hear you, there has been times that i am just standing in my home or store and noone talks with me at all and my brain is just so bored or numb that i cant come with ideas for new stuffs. It can pass 3 hours and the only thing i hear is the wind or music if i have some. There is when i started reading blogs or checking profiles or classifieds for any weird word i could came up with. I will talk with you more often tho ;) but for now i hope you get sorted out whatever happened.

Im still shoked for reading his decision D': and Canimal's and Willow's ones too quitting from PXP. Dunno what happened...what was so big to make ppl that seemed to be happy, be unhappy now? .-.

Im outta here!