Tuesday, November 28, 2006

*yawns with crystal watery eyes* This kitty is so not a happy camper....

god i suck!...i went to take a nap at 8:30 pm yesterday, i was so cold and feeling all shitty, we been having very bad weather lately, temperatures drop almsot to zero... i set up my alarm clock one hour later, after some time that i was sleeping, my dog barked and growled near me, waking me up...she lays near me, almost over my pillow and if she is not sleeping, she is just watching out, being a vigilante LOL...well someone walked near my door and she barked and growled...i woke up and i felt a huge headache, it was pounding very hard behind my nose and eyes, so i took an advil and went back to bed....i never ever heard my alarm! meeh -.- i hate when that happens cus of course i woke up at 4 am...with a lot of effort and feeling my nose stuffed and ichy and all my body hurting, i went back to sleep till 6:40 am...so yaaaaaay yeah...im wiiiiiiide awake now at 7:00 am :/

i was trying to finish this dress i was making but i just cant...yeah i think i do have a cold v__v; well ok i will go curl in bed and watch TV after having some food. *gets some cereal, drags pile of anime near and a warm blanket*

Found out the power adapter from my old powerbook works with this one YAY! i dont have to buy one now weee....

PD Holly shit!!!!...i read on the mac apple store site that lots of ppl have had problems with this power adapters needing to buy 2 or 3 or 4 or more during 1 or 2 years of having this powerbook...holly mackrel batman!! and it costs 79 US but...they are out of them!.....grrrrrrrr...i was lucky that someone forgot one at my sister job (she works in starbucks as a manager) and after 1 year that they never came back to ask for it, she gave it to me, so yeah i have used 2 and now the third that its from my old titanium.......and of course since they flick and they get broken so easily, i have to buy now a new rechargable battery, cus mine already died, and that will be 129 US.....and i wanted more memory *sighs* (512 mb for 150 US or 1 gb for 300 US) :'(

i so dont wanna know how much will all this costs here in Mexico!!!