Friday, January 19, 2007

i forgot to mention this BlackRose is not longer working for me. I found her selling freebie skins in my store for 500 L, under my name!!...and in thi subject i want to mention that the only owner of Goth1c0 is me, the only one that is selling stuffs there is me....and all is in prims on the walls around the store, nothing is given using ppl or trading directly with sales i dont have sales ppl. The only one that can help you, when she wants to be there is Alloryn Blackthorne, a -friend- im helping. She is the only one that will be there helping ppl or greeting them or inviting them to my group, noone else and she works for tips, so tip her....with this said, im off to work. Ciaos bellos!! ;)