Friday, January 12, 2007


I forgot to mention ppl...that yesterday Ambeshin Yossarian the owner of Curious Kitties IMed me!!!!!!!!! woaaaaa *jumps ups and down in awe* yeeaaaaah! can you believe it? :O i cant... woaa!!....she was at my store the other day and she said she likes my stuffs and she linked my blog to her website!!!!! Woaaa so cool! :))

I have been a fan of her work since i started SL, i have so much of her stuffs, i keep taking ppl there cus it is so cute...i remember her first stores or the first ones i visited...i have everything i can buy that doesnt look so girly...and even some very girly stuffs LOL...her hair pins, her wings, her boots...her kitties for the shouder, some of her hairs, hats, lots of her clothes and lots of her accesories...yeah my friends knows that is one of my favorites places in whole SL...and Hely is there too, my hair goodess *bows*. So yeah!!....go visit Curious Kitties! will find some of the stuffs i wear and you all like so much :))

Pd: Forgot to layout!! what y'all think? i still need to fix some stuffs...but for not knowing HTML, i figured out how to change one freebie i found...still i want to add other stuffs...but im HTML challenged too :PP...see what happens when SL is down and i dont have a way to check the alignment of stuffs im making? lol... damn PC users *shakes fist* you can check them offline...i cant! someone has to make some for mac users really..pweaaaaase!

Pd 2: I have an employee...O.o? *scritch, scritch, scratch* yeah never ever thought i would have one...well now i do...she kinda hired herself...*blinks*...she works for tips... so if you see her at my store, she is very helpful and talkative, her name is BlackRose nice to her and TIP her! ;) and NO im not hiring someone else...and NO...noone else can work for tips there...she is official now...sorry...she sneaked in...and its the only one i will let do that! LOL.