Friday, January 26, 2007

New layout!!

YAY!! i finished the new image for my blog!...Uuff this was difficult ^^

Well my friends *hugs tight* im better... i have not gone to bed since 3 pm yesterday but im not sleepy or tired, i wanted to finish the blog :) because i have something to share. This morning around of 6:00 am part of my family came downstairs to have breakfast and when my dad saw me working on the blog, he asked me what i was up to or what would be my new creation. He is my biggest fan, he always brings me ideas or pictures of things he saw to help me create more stuffs. So i was tying to explain what a blog is to him, and one of my sister told him:

sister>You should do the same as Angel does, dad...while you find a new job.
dad> if it were that simple, many ppl would be doing it, believe me.

It made me smile so big, really it cheered me up and picked me from the floor and back up on my feet. Im about to be 2 yo in SL and when i started, they kept giving me so bad time because of the amount of hours i used to spend in SL. But not anymore and just hearing that they do actually believe on what im doing and in the end in me, made me feel very happy :)

Thats why i wanted to finish the blog because having it done i will celebrate with a release and an openning soon ;)

To all my friends that IMed me...*hugs you all* we all have our problems, dramas, ups and downs, RL or even our moments to be hermits or moodies. I have been like that for at least 3 months. But now that i noticed, i will pop in and IM to say hi :) more often. Maybe one day we can all join in someone's land and work...i know i am with my nose in photoshop more often than any other thing. LOL.

Well with this said, im off to maybe sleep...or have dinner...i cant play with my PSP cus my sister kidnapped it, she is so addicted to this Midnight Club game and she is very good at it, darn!

Ciaos bellos, this kitty has to get some rest of the computer...i think it took me 19 hours making it!!! holly shit! O_O eeeeeep...~dies~