Friday, January 19, 2007

Lucky Chair

Well hey there all....i am trying to put up a new release but RL and other stuffs keep getting in the middle meh (-.-) but im posting today cus want to talk about something that has me mad and sad.

Some time ago, i thought on getting a lucky chair, i have been pondering on this for weeks. Why i wanted it? cus i wanted to give something to my customers...not a freebie for 1 L, not a raffle ball that i think might hit someone near by but not in my i thought a lucky chair with nice prizes in it. So i did. The lucky chair sends me a message when someone claims a prize...i set it at 60 mins....and guess what? i was giving around 50 prizes daily...but the bad part is...very few to my customers, the rest were to ppl that never bought anything in my store. To ppl that came in, claim the prize, then left..not even staying one whole minute in my store!! And some even claimed prizes 3 or 4 times a day sometimes many day, in a row like 10 ppl claimed prizes...with very few minutes between i tped to my store to check what was going on. There was a group of ppl there, i greeted them, asked if i could help them...noone even made the effort to say hi or answer me....but you know what they were saying? they had a newbie there, they were explainning him about the lucky chairs...and infront of my face when i identified myself as the owner of the store...they said without a shame: "We do a search for lucky chairs all around SL, there are some with very nice stuffs. You can get around 20 prizes per day or more if you are lucky...there is no need to spend money or sit to camp for hours to get few L or anything. Check for the freebies, many ppl are giving them away... skins, eyes, hairs, clothes AOs, animations, scripts, houses, wings, attachments, anything you want.....we have a list we can give you, just you need to join our group and help us, liek say you tp to a store and see the lucky chair has a letter that isnt yours, spam the group asking for someone with that letter, then tp him/her there and wait for the next letter, we are all helping each other like that.....HAH!...that made me sooooo angry!!!!...i mean im there, they are taking my HARD work, the things i put up for MY costumers to thank them for buying my stuffs, to show them how i appreciate them for supporting me, so well the lucky chair is gone...until i figure it out how to not get mad for this kind of ppl. At least if you are going to do this, you lazy bastard bums DONT express it infront of the OWNER of the lucky chair!!!!!! geesus...have alittle decency, really....nothing makes me more angry than this kind of ppl, im working my ass off to put things up, im squeezing my brain to make my store and my creations something ppl really want to buy and want to recommend to others, my prices hasnt changed since i openned, even that the land is going up...even that others are charging so expensive for clothes that sucks IMO...i try to keep up making new stuffs, looking for creative stuffs...i dont use the same base of the pants, or tee or tank top or dress i made the last time or i made before to create new ones...i could have tons of stuffs like that, i spend hours and hours making this, looking for tutorials to learn how to make better stuffs...i DONT have a waccom palet to draw like others, i dont have background like others do!... i use my little finger over my track pad on my broken powerbook to draw wrinckles, details and stuffs on my clothes!!!! This is my RL income ppl, call me a loser for it, i dont care...i help my family with this, we are having a very bad time with my dad losing his job...but i am very proud of this and of what i do.

This makes me sad and so angry, ppl that takes advantage so blatantly of the hard work of!!

This picture shows what i had in my lucky chair...things that around 80 to 150 L...not my best stuffs but some i liked too...Maybe my mistake was that i put them transfer, maybe my mistake was i put many in it, maybe my mistake was to even put the lucky chair up...i dunno, ~sighs~ i will find another way to thank my customers, to the ones that buy my stuffs and appreciate my work.