Wednesday, February 21, 2007

again about Lucky Chairs

It seems some ppl took my comment about the lucky chairs in the wrong way or they got md of what i said. So lets me explain this...and for you anonymous poster, next time leave your name so i know who is posting...its very easy to hide behind a post like that...i am giving my opinion and not hiding behind an anonymous comment.

First...i put the lucky chair for my customers, no unfortunately i dont know a lot of how things work in SL, nor i need to know all in i didnt know of the lucky chairs groups, yes i have been in it for 2 years BUT i dont go out as often as i used, i spend most of my time in my home or plataform working and if you read others blogs im not the only designer that do that. Why? cus i want alone time? my computer does not handle SL as it used...cus im working twisting prims? cus i dont feel like hopping around looking for something to do as i have plenty of work? cus my store has been around 2 years too and to keep up with the others designers i have to create, design and give custome attention 24 hours a day??

Second...what bothered me was this group of ppl that was IN my store with ME standing infront of them explainning this newbie how to live the life in SL without spending a single linden cus many designers give things away for free, no need to wait to buy things in the store, no need to wait for the store to rez even!....I was there hearing all this "Oh you dont need to buy things in the stores, the owners give it for free. And dont feel bad they make enough money from others that do buy theirs stuffs"...HAH now explain me how this ppl are potential consumers of my products?? when they dont stay in my store more than 5 seconds. They sit claim the price and leave plus they think like that... Oh but wait its a way to promote myself? how? explain it to me cus surely my brain doesnt get it. They didnt wait to even rez the floor in my store, they didnt stay more than 5 seconds to see what else i had there, nop...they left or bring someone else another one that waited only 5 seconds the time to takes to sit and claim a price and leave...

And about the bring traffic to my store? away 8 K a day in free things to ppl like that group that do not see how hard and how much time i spend doing things and dont have even enough decency to say those kind of statements in private and rather shove it on my thanks...i prefer to give free things to those that appreciate my work and buy it.

And for chairs hoopers want free things? you will have to stay in my store to get like that? no, not many ppl wants to spend 2 hours sitting in a chair to claim a gothic lolita. But for those who give me 2 hours of their time, they will get nice prices...that brings me traffic yeah and they still get outfits for free, i think its a better deal.