Monday, February 19, 2007

My life in SL.....

Today i got an IM, as usual, from someone asking me where i got some hair, another person that didnt take the time to read when they pulled my profile what i say right in the first line -READ MY STORE POLICY BEFORE IMING ME-

I was busy working, when i got this person IM, i stopped for a second and since i quiet dont remember what i used in each of my pictures, i had to look for the picture in my inventory, wait till it loads and then think...what hair is that one?...where i bought it?. I answered the best i could, without being rude and swallowing my annoyance cus yet another person didnt read my profile but my answer was not enough, he kept pushing it...i said i didnt really remember where that hair was from but i was almost sure it was from -insert name of some hair designer- the person you dont remember where you bought that hair?? :X -kei annoyed meter starts to point red- I have 350 hairs more or less! i dont remember all and i stopped buying in a lot of places, i just buy from certain designers, so no i dont remmeber all! and what did this person said? can i tp you to the store you telling me so you point it to me?...NOOOO! im busy working!..

Really, if i go shopping with all of the ppl that asks me this kind of things, i would never have time to design clothes. I used to take ppl to get a goth look, i showed them the best places to get skins, hairs, eyes, tattoos, boots even clothes but not anymore. I dont have time to go shopping myself, i dont have time to update my blog more often, i dont have time to check other blogs nor even hang out with my friends.

What makes me more annoyed is that i have this information, as part of my profile in my store policy, why is that ppl doesnt take the time to read it? i put the info on often frequently asked questions in my store policy, including where i buy my hairs or my skins or my neko bits or boots or eyes...

I am not your personal shopper and im not in any way the sales person of all those others designers where i buy my stuffs...IM them and bug them not me!!

And for all the ones that are reading this and are thinking "ugh what a snotty guy!!" No im not, im a very friendly and approachable person, im just a regular guy that plays SL like most of you but i work too and i need time to concentrate and finish my projects or to have quiet time to snuggle, i need snuggles ;P.

The fact that you buy my stuffs doesnt make me your personal slave, i appreciate inmensily the support i get from ppl buying my stuffs but if you buy them frequently is cus you like them right? and if i spend my time shopping for others then there will not be things to buy in my store and not more pretty pictures to inspire you to get a goth look.