Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Block Party

So the block party is over and im trying to get my sleeping schedule back to what it used to be, im finding very hard to go to sleep lately. Having insomia sucks tho i can feel my brain struggling to focus and im having headaches bleh, and my typonesse is in major level...sometimes i write a word totally inversed...like found i write dnuof O.o!!, maybe my brain is dying :O!!

But on what was my exclusive, i never thought it was going to be so well recieved. Usually my exclusives sales well but never like this one or the past one. And this necklace was a success, i still cant believe it, tho. PPl is offering me more money to convince me on selling them one :O but well im not, i cnt...so I thought im making something similar but with some changes...dunno how it will affect the acceptance it has have, so we will see.

And this success the necklace had, made me see that ppl really dont connect my name with my brand, a lot asked me if i had a store so they could check my stuffs, most of them arent into goth so of course my brand is not appeleing to them. Thats why Zona Cero is in process of..~think of world in english to put here~ hmmm something lol. I have to work on that. Of course i think that since the necklace and things i have been making for the exclusives were thought to be more open and appeleing for ppl that are not goth as well as the goth ones...has created the confusion. Again i have to fix this but i dont have clue how...

Well im off i have a huge headache and i want a nap
bayis :)