Thursday, February 8, 2007

Of shoes and boots

i saw some incredible shoes i want to get! they are from Shiny Things, very nice ones, Oxford is the name i think ~goes shopping~

And btw for all of you that were asking about where i get some of my boots on my ads, well they are from Hearts desires...they are back in SL and they put them up again.

I havent worked much...well worked setting servers for my vendors, that itself takes a lot of time but still i feel im not working, i started a demoness outfit but im stuck on it, and i made part of the necklaces. Hopefully i will be able to take pictures today.

About Zona Cero, well i decided im going to start a blog for it, since i dont want to mix both stores. Might work on it today and the openning i dunno just too scared >.< lol yeah i know silly me.

Well thats all, i cant think of something else to post. Kitty is off to work!