Friday, September 26, 2008

And 2 years later...yeah :P

Eeeeek the last time i posted was so long ago gee, i tell ya, i suck at blogging. Ok so, i have been working a lot a lot.

I made some Elegant Gothic Aristocrat outfits, i called it Nocturnal Sonata, it has tons of details, heavy barroque fabric, colored details and tons of sculpted and prims details. It comes in several colors to pick from, i made all the textures wooo! Yeah they are all hand drawn. Go me lols.

So since i loved the dress, i made it on a suit for guys too or unisex if you arent too much into puffy skirts. They both have neck bows, sculpted prim neck and other things. Here the pics :)

The blood colored one:

The green one:

Im just posting example pics cus i could flood the blog with all the colors and it would be a line of pictures, so boring uh? Now unto the guys ones:

The purple one:

And the dark blue one:

They looked ultra goth, elegant and you can mix match the pieces with other outfits, that versatile they are mwahaha! :)