Friday, September 26, 2008

Dia de Muertos

Now i made 2 new outfits, one is a coordinate with a very sexy top and a skirt with plaid fabric. It comes in 10 colors, included an orange one perfect for halloween :) It has gloves and stockings too. The belt is hand drawn and is super realistic, it has pins and zippers and a fishnet over the arms and hands.

all the colors here:

Now the Dia de Muertos dress, since Halloween is coming and here in Mexico we celebrate the Dia de los Muertos i wanted to make something on that theme, i made this cute dress with skulls details and mixing bright colors, the top comes in 2 layers jacket and shirt, i made short glitch pants and the skirt comes in 3 different versions. The dress is copy, mod and no transfer, very few things i make with this permissons but since i made different versions i decided this option was better. It comes in 6 bright colors...i hope you like them.

Here a pic of all the colors together :) i think they are super cute, i love this dress ^^