Friday, September 26, 2008

Cyber hairs

I made 2 new hair styles with my cyber colored textures xD I had a lot of fun making them but i can tell you this, is a pain to do them. Never thought was so hard, but well im better doing them now than when i started.

One day i was in my store and i found Munchflower there with her guy, they came just to buy one of my first hairs, the riot one, and i have seen it in a lot of ads in stores, same as my necklaces, the feeling of watching my stuffs finishing the look of an outfit another designer made is great, really. And well Munch told me she saw some girl in a club wearing it and she had to ask for it cus she liked a lot. Isn't it amazing :D weee!! *does a little dance* hehe i keep getting asked to make more hairs, and im on that so keep an eye here, i will get them out soon!