Friday, September 26, 2008

More Victorian dresses :)

You not going to believe it, but im super sad cus some months ago i had to made a back up of my hard drive, cus baka me thought my computer was having some sort of problem and this is why i couldnt upload things into SL or teleport or anything, so i decided after a lot of thinking, to erase my hard drive and start from fresh, i bought a new external hard drive to have all perfect. And well it seems in the transfering not all of my files got saved :'( so yeah there is things i was making that i will never finish cus i dont have the psd files, there is old outfits i wanted to revamp and i just dont have them anymore either. Bleh.

Well but unto the new things, i made the Ophelia dress in other colors cus i kept getting notecards of people asking me for it in white, blue, purple, etc, etc...and i am very glad that this files are still in my hard drive, i put a lot of work on this dress, maybe you can catch all the details it has on the fabric and the like, im very proud of it...sooooo people, here you have them :D Enjoy!!