Thursday, December 28, 2006

catching up and ranting mood

Soooooo....until today im able to blog. I dunno wtf is going on with Firefox and google/blogger....the thing doesnt let me blog in...the..redirecting screen keeps flickering to no end just going blank then showing the logging in window and so on...and today that im having a bad day and wanted to rant was not the exception but i thought....what if i try another browser? and here i am...using Safari...and it actually worked...~shakes fists at Firefox~

Well yeah today has sucked majorly...i had the greatest idea!!.....buying more land in my account said i could hold 2056 i bought 2034...and i would be in my same tier...but jumped! to 40 US per month WTF?!!!!! yeah so i am ultra pissed off majorly!!.....really LL needs to make the land use webpage more clear or...easy to use or something...i swear it said i could own 2056 meters thats why i bought more land! cus i was paying a tier for land i didnt have and now for some few meters( around 102) im paying a shit load of money GRRRRRR....well...besides sugar level is at ground feeling very shitty today, sweating cold and shaking...and i didnt want to come rant about this all but im so mad i just want to take it out of my system.

I didnt realize my last post was so long ago. I have been working all day and night it seems, im a total hermit...very few friends IMs me...besides of the ton of IMs i get from costumers during the day...i dont complain, i thank you all for buying my stuffs and i apologize if i seem to be cold, i try to answer the best i can, and not be just too focused on trying to get things done...but focused as in having 3000 projects going on at the same brain keeps jumping from one to the other non stop....blah! my own fault. And not having really time to come in and deal with Firefox and flickering screens i really didnt tried something different so i let days sorry. I had lots of weird screens from SL...all the weird things that keeps happening but since i couldnt come in, i didnt share ;P oh well.

On a happier note.....the new store is up, i just need to finish uploading pictures and set them up. Take some pictures of items i am still missing and put them up too...i felt openning with the few i had was not good...still i dont have to much but it doesnt look so empty. Im still deciding the style on my vendors erm furnitures...i suck at that cus i keep changing my mind ^^;; lalala laaaaa lol. On this....I had a hair with a hat sitting on my plataform for days...and a friend told me someone made one 'similar' and if i was still going to sell it...i didnt know Noam made one, (go out of my brain Noam!! :PP) hmm this happens for not finishing the things when i start them, i bought some shitty hair textures...very expensive btw...and i hated how they looked so i left them sitting there i bought a second set of textures...same...shitty too so i let them sit there for days...again my fault i guess, i will still put them up for sale, to much work to let it die really....

I missed sending my xmas gifts i made...omg! i know im such a mess...does anyone know where i can buy 32 hours days? the 24 hours ones seems to not be enough for me lol!

For Goth1c0 i have a huge release...i finally could take pictures...i had a lot of days in SL that the flexi things would look all wild, like not sitting...just floating wildly around my avi...the attachments points looked out of place too, some clothes layers seem to be liking y skin to much too, they just stay there as part of the many many skins f*cked now :/ for all this, i couldnt make the pictures, but i can now...what happened? only LL knows.

I hope all of you is having good holidays...mines has been shakey between SL being stupid (how weird hah), my mom and dad very sick, 2 houses here in my street got robbed the past days and i was awake when it happened eeeeeeeep!...0_0!! and to much chocolates and you can notice on my face v_v! blergh ~covers mirror to not break it~...I hope the year ends better tho.

well i ranted...sowwwy ^^;;; i will come with all i have to release in a few :))

PD i have gotten so many many compliments on the dresses, i feel all squirmy and shy ^^;; hehe...thank you all!!, it makes me smile a lot when i get that kind of IMs =^.^= never thought it would be so well recieved....i got pictures of ppl wearing them too, they all look great!! :o..i might put up a board at my store so ppl can share their pictures...So sweet thank you all!! :)))

PD2 sorry i ranted, i promised i was not going to do it...cus i noticed half of my posts are rants....i seem bitchy...which i am not...(i hope o.o!) i pormised more happy happy ones and not so many moody ones...sowwy ^^; guys!