Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Nightmare before christmas

Yesterday i was builing what would be the new place for Zona Cero, i was in my plataform over my furniture store and after finishing...a tinny 512x512 building. i linked parts of it and later trying to unlink them i got a weird message....

::Can't create objets in the parcel at 235,31,350 because the parcel owner doesnt allow it::

I didnt understand what was that, i tried again to unlink the wall nothing....then i edited it again and changed textures but i wanted to duplicate the wall and again same message...and then since i had my mini-map up i saw one of my objects was on the border of the sim...wth? i never moved the wall...so i went flying there and found actually a wall...but i couldnt move it...the axes or editing arrows would connect very far away....so i thought another bug...i will relog...i relogged and when i come back i dont see the wall in my building...it was actually out of my parcel in the corner of the sim...i moved it so i could pick it...nothing, again same message. I have to say this parcel i am working at is group owned, but i am one of the owners, the other is Nic, i should not have problems..... I deleted it and worked again and this happened again. So i thought since im up in the sky something is going wrong, i will go to the ground level in my house parcel...since this one is my land not group owned. I picked up the building and went to ground level, when i rezzed it it said it did put it out but i couldnt see anything, so i rezzed it again and nothing...i checked the prim amount...the building...both of them were in the parcel but not where i put them, i spent half an hour flying around looking for them....one part of the building was floating at 350 meters on my neighbors land, duplicated and with missing pieces the rest was in a 512 plot next to the store land...wth?....well...someone told us to uncheck the entry object to all resident and leave the group only one checked...why? because ppl would rez objects outside the land and just drag them inside your land....NEW feature so it doesnt matter that you have building off they can drag stuffs in your land if they rez them out of it.....so yeah of course with the copybot and that, we thought was better to have it off...well it seems the owner cant rez stuffs in the land either, not even with the group tag on....and im wondering if this is how is supposed to work or its a bug...aaaaaah LL how fucked up is SL now really.

Another situation, i went to pay one of my rents and i got a message...i was not allowed in the sim...so i IMed one of the owners/admins and she was wondering if i disturbed somehow someone that banned me i said i never go there unless i have to pay rent (it is a gorean sim) she checked the ban list, i was not in it but still i couldnt come in the sim to pay my rent. ::growls:: All this weekend with the search broken...i had the luck that almost all my rents went due, it was the last 3 days i had to pay most of them and i dont keep LMs, i actually use the search thing!...It was a pain to look for ppl that actually had the LMs...oh but ad to this that somedays my money didnt show up so how to go pay my rents??

Not with out adding that..in some sims my stuffs got returned, by accident...half of the markets got returned or the sims got cleared just cus another bug ....so i had to go set back up like 5 places most of them have the markets floating on the air and...some were missing pieces of floor!...so yeah it has been so fun to play real businness this weekend that whatever you could thing....or imagine as your worst nightmare... actually became real.

Oh without mentioning the teleporting out and end up ruthed or ejected from my working plataform or bouncing on the floor and then fall from it, like if i were wearing this things that makes you jump very high, or poseballs that always acted normal, ejecting you to the air or prim hair stuck up my ass after teleporting....or totally deformed or....missing things from my inventory or...the change of titlers in MY groups for something like A`tüA3, or a new group i never ever joinned!...Or getting IMs days later than ppl actually sent them....editing prims and they poofing from my screen (this happened with the necklace i was making for the block party, and not even relogging would fix it) really...it was a surreal weekend but it is not over yet. Makes me wonder if i havent had problems with my sales, are they showing all? or i have missing sales, as i have missing items and the like?

I need to go pay more rents and finish getting pictures done, struggling with the teleporters, and crash everytime i want to upload a texture. Im beyond madness or frustration. This is something i just need to deal with to be able to work in my stuffs and put them up for sale. I need money to pay for my internet, food and to help my family.... and to get me the parts my computer is needing.

Im outta here.