Friday, December 8, 2006


Ooooooh nooooooes we will have a new update this next Wed!!....when they havent finished fixing the ones from the last works but friendlist doesnt, IMs or IMs groups do not........wth??

On another note, after working very very slow due to all that is broken in SL, im about to finish the pictures for the dresses uff hehe was a lot of work. Almost...almost here :))

And i have been thinking this for a while now...i get a lot of notecards during the day, this can be invitations to malls, to collectives, to modeling shows, to sponsor events....offers of new scripted served vendors, offer of vendor space for free in exchange of part of my profits....yeah i can tell you i have recieved some weird ones. Today was not the exception...i got an invite to sponsor a university in SL...whut?? yeah i thought the same...a university that doesnt show on the search...and i dunno what kind of classes they give...Does anybody else gets this kind of notecards? o.o??

Well, i'll go back to finish my pictures. WOOT! yesh im very happy happy kitty!!

Im outta here!