Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Of Lace and Barbed Wire ;)

So its been said that the grid is under attack and if this is wonder i cant edit my L'Floa Eterna skirts and sleeves, meh its all im missing from this ones, and i wantedto put them out today....well im posting here a picture of the only one i have up for comes in other 6 colors, all rich and dark, from tabacco to rich dark green or velvety wine, 3 options of tops, sexy lingerie and flexi skirt and sleeves. All in detailed lace and satin.

I have all the pieces of cloths, im just missing the prim parts and i am working slow cus SL is not letting me attach them or rez them out. But they are all looking gorgeous, i love when the textures works in different colors and they dont lose quality or detail when you work with them. Hopefully i will have them out late today. I have been working on some shoes too, from this i have 4 different pairs, but again only been able to take pictures of 1 pair. Was fun making them tho, but difficult to get them to fit right, I think i like making boots better ;P.

I made Yule goth trees too!, yeah i was looking for some trees to decorate my store, the only ones that got near to what i wanted were the x-mas trees Baron Grayson made. As always his work is special, different, gothic and with perfect dark colors. But since i cant put a 45 prims tree in my store, i made my owns and why not...since ppl asked me for them, now they are for sale. They have a barbed wire all around that lights on and changes colors randomly in 3 different colors. I have them physically in my main store and in Club Industry.

I still need to take pictures of the new collection of piercings, this one will be called "The Dark Angel" and will be as "The Black Willow" collection a matching set of several extreme piercings with different attachment points. I made a goth blood vial too, grungy, dark and metalic looking. I still need to name it and take pictures too and some new lace chokers with ribbons and dark stones. Lets hope SL allows me to work on this pictures soon :) chacha!

Im outta here!!

PD....for some reason that i dont unedrstand yet...when you look for goth in the classified my store shows on first place, my traffic today and yesteray has been incredibly busy. Its the only bug i liked from this last update :P! Nyaaaaa!