Sunday, December 10, 2006

Laced Gowns and sexy lingerie

Alrighty im done! yay!!....i got them up :)) but stupid me posted them in the forum but not here.

6 different colors plus the blue i already had. I made this dresses long ago, while i was doing them someone asked if i would add i gave it a first attempt of bra...was a huuuuuuuuge sisters laughed at me v_v but i fixed it, and i think it looks great ^^;; I have gotten a lot of cmplements on this dress, i never thought ppl would like it so much. It is not my first attempt on this kind of dresses is the first i make flexi, sexy and in so many colors.

Well here they are and a couple of chokers too...

Im working on more chokers, this time with more prim parts and 3 gothic lolitas, the piercings, hmm the shoes, eeep and more stuffs...if SL behaves i will put them soon up too ^^

Pd: if you talk to me in world...spare me the 'd' is not longer working in my keyboard so i have to copy/paste it from another sentence and sometimes i just forget. Sorry ^^;;;

Pd2: i bought more memory RAM and my power cord...yay v_v.......... 400US gah!