Monday, October 21, 2013

Goth1c0 is part of The Horrorfest 2013

The event is organized by The Guild of Gloom and is a charity event, if you have not heard of this, please continue reading to find out more.

The event is held on the last 2 weeks of october and it has all things dark in SL. We all got together with the lead of this amazing ladies to do a charity event for the Epilepsy Therapy Project. There is a ton of designers participating with gachas, exclusive items and vendors with donation percentage for The Epilepsy Therapy Project, so come on down to Love Dolls Island and support this event.

I have for this event some exclusives. I had a lot of problems setting up because SL was being the usual messed up SL we all know, but i could set up so here they are.

Flesh pumps, stitched and bloody. 
Skin Hud to tint the feet included 250L
100% donation for the Epilepsy Therapy Project.

65 L per play. Crown or headband with creepy dolls inside a flower.

50L per play, resize plus stretch script. Doll creepy face.

There are many designers participating in the event, the place is super cool, the enviroment is spooky, scary and dark plus many cool items, gachas an events? what else you could ask for. Come on down and support our charity :)

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