Thursday, October 10, 2013

Goth1c0 @ The Body Modification Expo 2013

This month i am swamped in events, i dont know how i'm doing it but i'm being able to deliever in all, and you know what? i'm very happy with all whats going on. Even that somedays my bedtime is past 6 am, but the feeling i have from seeing all what i'm acomplishing is great and i have to thank you all for letting me be part of your second life with the creations i make. They are all made with my heart in them. I dont think you have heard of me so often, have you? but well...get used to hear me shout and stir things around cus i'm here and ready :D

So into the juicy and pics. The Body Modification Event is a special event organized by Depraved, when i saw the promotion of it, i knew i had to be in it. Is something new in SL, you will find only designers that brings amazing things but none of the items is clothing. What will you find out then here? Tattoos, shapes, piercings, accessories, jewelry, shoes, implants and a long etc. For this event i made a very special item. I been wanting to do it since long, long time and here it is finally :)

The mask comes with a resize plus strech script and simulated shadow as a tattoo in case you cant run SL with shadows enabled.

The event will run from Oct 10th to Nov 3er. So dont miss it!! Hope to see there :D

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