Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Release @ Goth1c0

Soooooo among all i been doing for the events, i had time to do this item. Since i came to sl i been drawing extreme corsets, but at some point i stopped selling them cus they were drawn. When the sculpt option came into SL i hopped to be able to create something similar but well you know sculpties does not work fine for something like this. So when mesh came on, i thought it was my chance, but....i didn't really have the time or the knowledge to do something like this. But with the help of my friend guestier Balut, i am able now to bring you this new item.

100% original mesh and rigged.

Rigged Mesh corset with HUD.
- 3 sizes included (S, M, L)
HUD with:
- 12 ribbon textures some with motives like skull, plaid or dots.
- 8 metal textures
- Skin presets and RGB option to match skin tone.
- Layer with shadow over the skin/optional.
-DEMO available.

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