Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alternative Gender Fair & Modern Horror Hunt!

I'm part of this event and my exclusive items with 100% and 50% of donation are this. All of my items were inspired by Edgar Allan Poe stories. the Raven Mourning locket, with a cute black bow and a raven standing over a skull.

This one can be found in 4 other colors too. But only the black one is the excluisve item for the fair.

Then i made this cute shirt based on Nevermore, short mini top with purple net o the back. Unisex, It has net gloves too.

This event has a hunt that will run the same dates. The Modern Horror Hunt based on horror stories too from the 30's. My item for this hunt is this cute set, a rug with 4 sitting poses and a mesh tv, so you can hang out with your friends and watch horror movies xD! hehe.

Note: the TV just has a simple script that gives a white noise effect, not scripted to function on any other way.

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