Sunday, October 6, 2013

Goth1c0 @ MOG event!

So the event is open and im so excited about it. Many cool nd aswesome designers are present here. All with our favorite gacha game and excluisve items just made for this event. The space is packed, you can find hairs, shapes, skins, jewelry, accesories, shoes, clothes and more. Hope to see you all there!

I made for this event a necklace inspired on an old time fav, space invaders game. Who doesnt know about this? I thought it would be cool to have a necklace with them. Plus in the future i plan to release something that will go perfectly with this ;)  I called my necklace the spaders...yeah not so original but i had a lot of laughs while creating this and talking with my friends.

The event runs from Oct 6th - Oct 20th. Dont miss out! Everything here is amazing :)

> Men Only Gacha location
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